Bird 141 – Madagascan Pochard

Let’s stay in Madagascar for another week and take a look at a little-known bird that almost went the way of the Elephant (bird): the Madagascan Pochard (Aythya innotata). Now, you may be wondering what a Pochard is, but it’s really just a fancy word for a duck. On the surface they don’t seem allContinue reading “Bird 141 – Madagascan Pochard”

Bird 140 – Elephant Bird

Today we’re going to look a famous extinct bird. No, not the Dodo, we did the Dodo a long time ago. But don’t worry, we’re still going to an African island to visit the Elephant Bird (Aepyornis maximus). These birds were locals of Madagascar. Now, you, like me, are probably wondering, well if this is anContinue reading “Bird 140 – Elephant Bird”

Bird 139 – Grey Crowned Crane

It has come to my attention that I have never featured a Crane. This is an inexcusable oversight on my part, but in my defence, there are a lot of birds. This week, though, it’s all about Crane royalty: the Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) — try saying that ten times fast. These are anContinue reading “Bird 139 – Grey Crowned Crane”

Bird 138 – Blue-throated Hillstar

Let’s stay in South America, and this week, instead of a bird that was lost and found, we have a bird that was only first discovered in 2017. That’s right, we’re still finding new, never-before-seen birds. So, what bird escaped our attention for all of human existence? Why, none other than the Blue-throated Hillstar (OreotrochilusContinue reading “Bird 138 – Blue-throated Hillstar”

Bird 137 – Blue-eyed Ground Dove

In biology, every now and again, you come across something called a Lazarus Taxon. These are animals that were thought to be extinct but are then unexpectedly rediscovered. Some of the most famous Lazarus Taxons are birds. One of my favourites, the Bermuda Petrel, was thought to have gone extinct in 1620, but was rediscoveredContinue reading “Bird 137 – Blue-eyed Ground Dove”

Bird 136 – Greater Sage-grouse

So last week we met a bird that mates by inflating an air sac on its throat and making a weird noise while all gathered together in a lek. Well, to mix things up, today we’re going to meet a bird that mates by inflating an air sac on its throat and making a weirdContinue reading “Bird 136 – Greater Sage-grouse”

Bird 135 – Capuchinbird

In the Amazon Rain forest there is a freaky little bird called the Capuchinbird (Perissocephalus tricolor), or as I like to call it, the cappuccino bird, because God knows how to pronounce that word.  As you can see, these birds are freaks. For the most part, their drab, russet colouring doesn’t really recommend them forContinue reading “Bird 135 – Capuchinbird”

Bird 134 – Fork-tailed Drongo

So in Australia, if you call someone a ‘drongo’ they’re being a bit of a silly git. But let me tell you, the Fork-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus adsimilis) is anything but. These are African birds. They hang out on the savanna looking for food and doing whatever it is Drongos do. But that can be hardContinue reading “Bird 134 – Fork-tailed Drongo”

Bird 133 – Acorn Woodpecker

So now, you may have noticed we’ve never featured a Woodpecker before. Well, all that changes today.  You’ll no doubt be familiar with what a Woodpecker’s all about: they’re birds that peck wood. They spend their days slamming their faces into branches — what a life. But not all Woodpeckers peck wood for the sameContinue reading “Bird 133 – Acorn Woodpecker”

Bird 132 – Wren-like Rushbird

Could this be the last week of lockdown? Who can say? Either way, while we keep holding down the lock your double weekly dose of birdie thoughts and feelings keeps circling like a Vulture in an updraft.  Anyway, readers who have been with me for a while may remember the numerous Wrens we’ve featured. ThereContinue reading “Bird 132 – Wren-like Rushbird”

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