Bird 119 – Gang-gang Cockatoo

Today we’re covering off what has easily been my most requested bird, the Gang-gang Cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum)

And you know what, I get it. It’s like a cockatoo, but it’s a bit special. Most people have seen them about, but they’re not so common as to be an everyday sorta bird. To top it off, they’re also Canberra’s official bird. And when local artist, Laura Bergmann, shared some of her paintings of them with me, I thought it was high time to feature these pretty parrots.

They’re distantly related to Australia’s other Black Cockatoos, but these parrots really went their own way. First up, they’re rather unique among cockatoos because of their sexual dimorphism. Usually it’s pretty hard to tell male and female cockatoos apparent, but not for these guys. The males have that bright red head that really pops against their grey scales.

Image result for gang gang cockatoo

Gang-gangs also have a really fancy crest compared to the other cockatoos, theirs is a lot more frilly.

But maybe the best thing about the Gang-gang is the sound they make. I read a few weeks back that their call is often described as sounding like a cork being pulled from a wine bottle. A few days after that I happened across a pair, and you know what, it totally does. Look out for that the next time you hear one. 

Image result for gang gang cockatoo

I feel the Gang-gang Cockatoo knows where it’s at. It’s trying to talk to you. It’s trying to tell you to have another glass of wine, and then practice mutual preening. I think we should all respect the Gang-gang’s wishes, it’s the least we can do. 

Image result for gang gang cockatoo


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